The Fog on the Attenborough Nature Reserve is all mine all mine


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It’s exciting buying new gadgets and so I just had to go out and take some photographs yesterday with my new Canon 400D. Unfortunately for me the weather was a little unwelcoming.

The thick fog and chilly temperatures just gave me an opportunity to take some subdued, bleak photos. I’m still unsure on the best use of the camera, but I managed to get a few half-decent efforts done before I lost all the feeling in my fingers.

I especially liked the one shown here.

I’m having a few issues with some of the modes. When I put it onto Aperture priority I get a distinct blue hue to all of my images. This is also happening with some of the other priority modes too, although as I took most of the photos using the “no flash” mode I didn’t get this happening.

I actually quite like the effect it creates, but I’d obviously much prefer a faithful reproduction. I’ll have a look around the Canon forums and see if anyone knows what might be causing it. I think it’s probably a setting somewhere in the menus, but as my manual came in three non-English languages I’m struggling a bit to get it set up right. At least I have a PDF of it on my PC.

Still, I did manage some nice enough photos. Click on the image above and have a look. Let me know what you think.

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