The end of the world is nigh

I hope you’ve said your goodbyes and made peace with the world because we’re all about to die.

Members of the “House of Yahweh” sect here have begun selling off their belongings and preparing for Armageddon, attracting the attention of authorities concerned the group’s leaders may be taking advantage of believers.

“The goings-on now in Israel are a clear indication of what will happen,” says Ruth Wanjiku, a member of the Kenyan branch of the House of Yahweh that is based in the US state of Texas.

“This is the beginning of the end of the world as prophesied by the ‘Book of Yahweh’,” she says, referring to the group’s version of the Bible that holds Armageddon will begin on September 12.

That’s today. I hope that Buffy is around to stop it.

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