The End is Nigh

I succeeded in getting exceptionally wet during my short walk into work this morning. It was raining, which is normal for this country but not something I particularly look forward to at six o’clock in the morning.

It seems that we’re currently experiencing “the worst storm of the winter” according to the BBC. This same storm has deposited large amounts of snow of the USA and is now making with the rain-clouds over here.

Emergency services said trees had been uprooted and power lines brought down in south-west England, where winds have reached almost 80mph (130km/h).

Severe flood warnings have been issued for the Devon and Cornwall coast. In St Brides, Newport, 170 people were told to evacuate a caravan park overnight.

Meanwhile, forecasters say central Scotland will see blizzards and snow.

The Environment Agency is urging people to stay away from exposed coastal areas and to check for flood warnings in their area.

This storm is well timed – we ended up watching Flood last night on DVD. The actors in that film, including Robert Carlisle, managed to end up very wet too as the UK was subjected to a freak storm. That fictional storm had also started off by buffeting the good ole’ US of A but had somehow managed to make its way over the north of Scotland and down the east coast. I suppose flooding London is more dramatic than, say, Newquay.

Unfortunately, Flood is utter shite. The BBC reviewer has inexplicably given it three stars but it’s been a while since I’ve seen a film with worse dialogue. Everything is so staged and there’s a lot of shouting from concerned Commissioners and Deputy Prime Ministers but I just couldn’t care about any of the characters. Even Robert Carlisle seemed off form.

The plot was chock-full of contrived twists, throwing every film cliché you could imagine into the mix. It was painful to watch at times and I was kind of hoping that everyone would drown.

I really wouldn’t bother watching it at all.

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