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The Cotswolds

St James’ Church

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This past Bank Holiday Weekend had the usual mix of British Weather – clouds, rain, hail and a bit of sun. You can almost guarantee that you’ll need some sort of water-proofing once the extended weekend comes around, and this last weekend was no exception. The umbrella had some extended use.

Thankfully there was also plenty of reason to be cheerful. The sun came out for some nice long periods too, which allowed us to have a barbeque on Saturday evening and to enjoy the gorgeous Cotswold countryside yesterday.

We visited two Chippings – Chipping Campden and Chipping Norton. Both are lovely, small Cotswold towns, the former being more of a village really. The crazy weather meant that we were always in danger of a drowning but also gave me the opportunity to try and take some pictures of the dramatic skies.

Chipping Campden is lovely and it has this lovely “wool” church, St James’. While we were on the way into the church there was an American couple commenting on the “British Clouds” – well, clouds is what we do best of course. No doubt the clouds are bigger in Texas, but ours are more quaint.

Chipping Norton is quite a bit larger and I didn’t really get much of a chance to take many photographs there, but I’m sure that I’ll be able to get back there later in the year and take some more.

It’s a lovely part of the world. It’s worth just driving down there and visiting a few random villages for a cup of tea and walk around.

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