The Closet

For some reason I’m presently watching a film, in French, on BBC2. I was skimming the channels and there was a pretty young female on the screen and I thought to myself “perhaps she’ll get her tits out later” and continued to watch while surfing the interweb at the same time.

Well, there hasn’t been any boobage but the film is actually very funny. It’s called The Closet and it’s about some French geezer that thinks he’s about to be fired from his job in a condom factory. His neighbour has a (not very) bright idea that he should pretend to be gay so that his boss will fear sacking due to some perceived sexual discrimination. Or something.

Anyway, Gérard Depardieu is in it as a homophobic neanderthal that is fooled into sucking up to this fraudulant gay guy as a prank by some colleagues. Lots of complicated plot-lines all round really, but it’s all done very well.

Still, some b00bies would be nice….

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