The Burning Crusade

The Burning Crusade – Day 26

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World of Warcraft got better this week with the release of the first Expansion, The Burning Crusade.

Expect no end of pale-faced geeks to spending even more time sat in front of their PCs running around in a fantasy world hitting things with swords, maces and other pointy objects. At least, that’s what I’m going to be doing.

The thing is, this isn’t just a geek’s game. Blizzard tell us that there are 8 million people that have subscribed. 8 million! This is a hugely popular game and even though it does stem from the fantasy genre there’s a huge interest in this from “normal” society too.

It’s a social game. OK, you can play solo if you want but there’s a far more rewarding game experience if you group up with other people. In-game chat is integrated into the user-interface and as long as you turn off the General Chat channel then you can usually tune down the many clueless idiots to just background noise.

There’s lots of fighting of course. Much of it is repetitive, true, but if you’re in a good Guild or play with like-minded people then you’ll pass the time rather nicely. It’s not all about shiny loot and gold, although those things are nice too.

So, what of the Burning Crusade? Well, on Tuesday I kept out of the new high-level area on purpose and just started a new Blood Elf Paladin (like so many other people). You can see her in the photo. Yes, she’s a lady Elf but no I’m not planning on stripping her down to her underwear and dancing for cash. Well, not that I’m willing to admit. The new starting area for the Blood Elves is a little too cutesy for me but I enjoyed the first few levels and look forward to questing with her more. I’ve not really played a Paladin before – should be interesting.

Yesterday I went into the Outlands with my level 60 Troll Hunter. I spent the first hour or so just wandering around going “Wow!”. The new world is just stunning. With so much new content to explore I was stuck for the best levelling strategy so I just decided to do a bit here, a bit there and see what was about.

This is going to keep me entertained for months and months. Blizzard have done wonders with this plus they’ve surpassed my expectations with the upgrade – the servers have actually been quite stable and we’ve not seen numerous crashes and unending frustration where people can’t login for days. Top work that company!

It’s going to take me ages to level to 70 but what the hell, I’ll take my time and enjoy the journey.

Here’s to many days of seemingly wasted time in from of my PC!

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