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The buggers listened

We came an excellent third today, and for the second year in a row too. That’s twice in two years that we’ve missed out on a trip to the finals by one place!

I thought that we played pretty well on the whole but the opening of the piece really let us down. I think nerves took hold when we started and it was pretty scrappy, plus there’s some pretty tricky bits all through the piece that didn’t quite fit together properly. However the overall performance was pretty decent and we’re really pleased with the result.

Good luck to Forresters and Blidworth at the National Finals in September. Do the Midlands proud!

  1. Congratulations Dave (and the rest of the band).

    I must say I’m glad I’m not participating anymore on the contest front, too much grief to bear. However, it’s the London & Southern Counties areas this weekend so I’ve wished my old band (Watford) all the best. I won’t be thinking of them though as it’s my BIRTHDAY!

    Cheers, Greg.

    PS: Thanks for that info on Nottingham, I didn’t get the job in the end:(

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