The Big Idea: Chris Kluwe

Us Brits tend not to follow American Football that much, but I used to love it back in the day. I decided to make the 49ers my team back when the Bears were winning everything and I even went to a few of the Heineken League games in the UK  – even going to the very first Leeds Cougars game.

I don’t follow it much these days days, and have no idea who’s popular/big over in the States. Is Dan Marino still playing? I have no idea. Still, it was a real surprise to read this little piece over on Scalzi’s Whatever blog:

The Big Idea: Chris Kluwe.

I want to live in a world where people are celebrated for their differences, for their complexity, for their uniqueness, for the widely varied things that make them who they are. I want to live in a world that realizes your job does not define you as a person. I want to live in a world where I can be a football player, a video game nerd, a sci-fi/fantasy geek, an author, a husband and father and brother – all at the same time, because that’s who I am.

Above all, I want to live in a world where people are empathetic enough to understand that we’re not all going to be the same (and that’s okay!), but the only way I have the freedom to live my own life is if everyone else enjoys that same freedom in return. I am not a label, I am a multifaceted creature, just like all the other human beings on this planet, and we all deserve the recognition and ability to make our own choices in life.

What a remarkable fella. Completely smashes the stereotype of the musclehead jock.

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