The art of the cottager

At The CottageThe internet is a wonderful thing. There are all sorts of resources out there for your enjoyment, games that you can play and shop for you to spend your money. One of the most famous sites, eBay, has a particularly interesting collection of weird and wonderful items for sale, the sort of stuff that no right-minded, sobre person would normally consider shelling real money out for but end up bidding for anyway.

One of these items is a spectacularly created diorama of a scene from a public toilet. Called “At The Cottage” it’s a depiction of a type of activity that might be considered by Arsenal defenders or ex-members of Wham – gay sex in the bog.

It’s not the sort of thing that you’d give to your mum for Christmas but it’d certainly make an interesting talking point of you stuck it on display in your house somewhere. I’d consider bidding for it but it’s already gone past the £50 mark and I’m not a fan of sucking off men in toilets anyway.

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