The Armed Man, Karl Jenkins

I’m glad that I’m not stuck with one genre of music taste. The eclectic mix of tunes on my iPhone chucks in tracks by Bjork and David Cloyd amongst rock monsters like Mastodon and Testament.

The fact that I play in a brass band also means that I’m exposed to music that, perhaps, people of my generation might not be. We played Pineapple Poll last night, a Gilbert and Sullivan-inspired piece that’s certainly not fashionable but far more interesting than the majority of crap in the charts.

We also played a rather wonderful arrangement of Benedictus by Karl Jenkins. It’s one part of a larger work called The Armed Man – A Mass for Peace. It was originally written for orchestra and choir but has had been arranged for brass band, chorus and organ. I’ve not heard the whole thing yet but if Benedictus is anything to go by then I really need to buy the CD, both the original version and brass band – it’s just incredible.

Here’s the inevitable Youtube video of the Orchestral version. It’s just beautiful:

Lovely eh? It doesn’t rock my socks in the same way as Anthrax did back in the day but it reaches parts of my musical appreciation that Heavy Metal can never reach. Stunning work.

Here’s another video of the same piece but this time played by the extremely talented David Childs with the Cory Band:


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