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Thanks for the memory

Homeopathy bemuses me. I really don’t understand how anyone could believe that it would work and yet there are plenty of people out there forking out for magical sugar pills “soaked” in “healing” water.

Ben Goldacre explains it pretty well in this video:

Ben Goldacre on Homeopathy from science TV on Vimeo.

Homeopaths would have you believe that water has a memory. If you put an “active” ingredient in some water – something that you think (but can’t prove) will heal an ailment – and then dilute it to buggery it somehow becomes even more effective.

It’s a load of bollocks.

When I’m ill I will be going to see a doctor, someone who’s aware of scientifically-proven remedies. I’ll be wanting care to be given by someone that understands that our bodies are complex but that there are proven pharmacological products that can help.

I’ll be wanting the drugs, not some poorly conceived placebo. And a big hug, obviously. That’s always nice. Not from the doctor – my wife is good at that sort of thing. Doctor: drugs, wife: hug.

  1. Toxie, seen that before and meant to post it. Unfortunately, apathy struck once more. Maybe there’s a homeopathic remedy for that?

    Uncle Dick, I think that a 30C dilution of whisky would only serve to make it taste better. Or is that a heretical thing to say? 😉

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