Thank you British Gas

I see a lot of customer complaints bandied about, so I thought I’d let my hundreds of readers know about some good service that we’ve had recently.

Our boiler went kaput on Monday Night – it blew a fuse in the isolator panel, and also a fuse on the main board of the boiler. We subscribe to the British Gas 3 Star service, who we phoned. There said that they could be out to fix it the very next day.

I took the afternoon off (well, worked from home) and they arrived within the time they set. The guy was well trained and found the fault after much investigation. The fault was a bitch to find, and as an engineer myself I can see that he did well to diagnose it. The pump (upstairs under the immersion tank) was somehow feeding back to the boiler and blowing the fuse on the main board. He said he’d be back this morning first thing to fit a new pump.

Well, a different engineer turned up, bright and early with a pump. He fitted it with a minimum of fuss and all was working again. The pump would have cost us over £70 and I have no idea how much the labour would have been, but there was over 2 hours of work on there.

I’d highly recommend the British Gas maintenance and breakdown care – they were very professional and knowledgable and had us up and working again pretty quickly.

By rutty

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