Ten bloody quid!

My Yorkshire sensibilities have been offended. I have been subjected to something so offensive to my roots that I became quite angry. OK, I was mildly annoyed.

I was charged ten bloody pounds just to park my car for a few hours. Ten quid!

We’ve had a friend visiting us this weekend. She’d flown over from Northern Ireland to attend a course in Nottingham, so it seemed only fair that we should look after her at my house. It was great to see her so we thought it’d be nice to take her into town on Saturday night to see a film and eat some Chinese food.

The film was great! If you’ve not seen Hot Fuzz yet you really must do – one of the funniest films I’ve seen in years – and the Chinese food was excellent. However, the surprise at the carpark ticket machine was less than amusing. Did I mention that they charged me ten pounds to park for just over 5 hours? Ten bloody quid!

That’s the Broadmarsh car park for you though. If you try and park during the day then you get stung with these stupidly expensive prices. We’d parked up at about 4ish so we missed out on the cheaper evening rate. Still, charging so much is a bit of a flaming liberty if you ask me.

I’ve been creating a small ulcer over this.

Other than that, we had a great weekend. Hope yours was just as good.

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