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Team America

Patrick and I went to see this at the Showcase in Nottingham tonight. It wasn’t a gay date or anything, we both wanted to see this film and so we went together. There was no holding of hands at all. Just thought I’d best get that sorted from the off. I like the boobies remember.

Right, so the film was a riot. Trey Parker and Matt Stone know how to take the piss and they’re not afraid of upsetting anyone. Team America is Thunderbirds with terrorists, swearing, barborous jokes and Michael Moore. If you’re of a delicate disposition you’ll probably not enjoy the scenes of explicit puppet sex, the theme tune (Team America, FUCK YEAH!) or the unsubtle stabs at American culture.

Just go see the bloody thing, just don’t take your mum.

  1. Been waiting with bated breath for this, it’s not out in Finland yet. The wife doesn’t seem to be warming up to the idea, so I’ll probably have to recruit a non-gay mate to accompany me as well. Already the trailers have had me filling my pants (with a half and half mix, don’t ask), so really looking forward to this.

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