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What motivates you?

What motivates you?

I’ve been attending the Nottingham Agile meetups over the last year. They’ve all been excellent, with loads of good presentations aimed at making us better software developers. Last night’s meetup was about Scrum Masters (and..

The Final Frontier

There’s a new Iron Maiden album out next week! I’m ticking the “excited” box.

What a wonderful world

I bet you’ve been dying to hear a death metal version of the Louis Armstrong classic “Wonderful World” haven’t you? I have. Here it is! *update* Two of the videos have already been taken down…

The Golden Age of Video

Check out this astonishing video on Youtube by Ricardo Autobahn. So many pop culture references in there – absolutely brilliant!

Snatch Wars

This is extremely funny (and not a little bit sweary)


I could be dicing with death by posting this YouTube clip but I can’t help myself.

Links for March 12th

Iron Maiden speak out over riot Heavy metal group Iron Maiden’s tour manager has criticised the people who were arrested for trying to gatecrash a concert in Bogota. Colombian police arrested more than 100 people..

Bookmarks for March 5th through March 10th

YouTube vs PRS: whoever wins, it’s bad news for musicians – You’ve got to hand it to Google: when it threw its toys out of the pram over its dispute with PRS For Music, it..


I don’t get people sometimes. If you’d paid for a ticket to a comedy gig to see a well-known comedian would you get bladdered beforehand and then hurl a stream of incoherent abuse at the..

Sleepwalking dog

I sometimes dream about running. I’m either running away from or chasing something and my legs often join in the fun. I’ve had the odd elbow in the ribs due to my involuntary twitchiness. However,..

Bill Hicks has me convinced

Even when I was a kid and had some semi-regular visits to Sunday School at our local church (United Reform you know – I’ve always been a non-conformist) I never really believed all that crap..