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  • New Year’s Day

    New Year’s Day started with a headache and slight nausea. OK, quite a bit of nausea. I’d have been fine if I’d just stuck to the moonshine but there was also some Tequila in there two, plus a considerable quantity of beer. Still, despite my poorlyness we had another hearty breakfast courtesy of the lovely […]

  • Sunday 30th of December saw us determined to head off over to Mount Hood to try our hand at skiing. I’d never been before but Jen and James are old hands so we decided to risk our necks on the slopes during a rather heavy snow-storm. We rose early and had a hearty breakfast courtesy […]

  • Saturday 29th of December 2007 I woke up with a hell of a hangover. I really had no-one to blame but myself – well, myself and those bastards at the Pike Brewing Co for making such delicious beer. Luckily the rain was holding off long enough for us to head out and see the Space […]