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221/365 Pot

221/365 Pot by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA There are times when I wonder why I pick the shots that I take. This is one of those times. I’m sure there’s someone out there..



Bathtime, originally uploaded by rutty. Via Flickr: 144/365 Stuck for a decent photo today so I ended up taking this…

Links for March 31st

Measles Outbreak Triggered by Unvaccinated Child What began as a family trip to Switzerland in 2008 ended up as a public health nightmare in California. The family's 7-year-old boy, who was intentionally unvaccinated against measles,..

Links for March 12th

Cyprus conflict closes leaders’ eyes to water shortage Water has been rapidly disappearing in Cyprus since the 1970s, but conflict between Turkish and Greek communities means fixing the problem is not high on the political..



Water, originally uploaded by rutty. 59/365 Babies are toxic. They might look cute but they carry some of the most virulent viruses know to mankind. A friend of ours has a daughter and she had..

Save money on Brita filters

Lifehacker have a really interesting article on how you can save money on “disposable” carbon filters for your Brita water dispensers: …with a bit of time and the right supplies—a sharp utility knife (and/or drill),..