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  • 45/365 Love

    45/365 Love

    Today deserves a better photo than this. Valentine’s Day is a bit of a commercialised bunch of toss, but I do like to express by unending love to my wife on this day in particular. I also do it on other days too, obviously. Ruby had made these heart-shaped biscuits. Mine was delicious – covered […]

  • Popping the question

    OK, no big announcement to make here (sorry!) but if you were going to propose to your girlfriend would you consider doing it on a popular internet site? That sounds almost romantic right? How about if the proposal involved your cat? Girls like cats right? How about if you proposed via I CAN HAS CHEEZ […]

  • A Valentine’s Day Question

    So, on this most romantic day of the calender I’d like to pose an important question: did Tyrannosaurus Rex have a penis? I know, I know – why the hell am I going on about dinosaur knobs? I’m not the one that started it though – have a read of this rather wonderful article about […]