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  • 187/365 Avenue

    “187/365 Avenue” by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA This lovely avenue of trees is rarely used by anyone. It’s situated down the side of the Tennis Centre and doesn’t end up anywhere – it’s just there for reasons lost in time. There are some engineering works going on around here at the moment and […]

  • 81/365 Blossom

    81/365 Blossom

    These Cherry trees look absolutely glorious – in colour.

  • Fir


    Fir, originally uploaded by rutty. Via Flickr: 109/365 Another photo of the firs in our garden. I do like these trees. They provide plenty of shelter for birds and prevent most of the houses opposite us seeing into our garden.

  • Firs


    Firs, originally uploaded by rutty. 46/365 We have these two firs in our garden. They could do with a trim. I took very few photos today and this is the best I have to offer. Effect is from the Pinhole option in Camera+. I think the photo could do with some extra bats