Uniset, originally uploaded by rutty. Via Flickr: 148/365 The best part of having in-laws that store all sorts of stuff in their loft is that they find all kinds of old toys for Ruby to play with. This is one of those vinyl stick and replace things. Ruby loves her sticker books and this is…… Continue reading Uniset


Ride, originally uploaded by rutty. 29/365 I’m enjoying playing with colour more this year. Ruby has certainly caused an up-tick of bright colours in our lives. I apologise if my photos are starting to get a bit garish. Unfortunately, I quite like it! For now

The puzzle

The puzzle, originally uploaded by rutty. 8/365 When you have a baby your house changes. One day it’s tidy and before you know it it’s awash with toys. Our bathroom has a whole alphabet of these things. They’re nice and colourful and Ruby enjoys playing with them, but they’re a bugger to dry off and…… Continue reading The puzzle