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  • Links for March 26th

    ”Hello America, I’m a British Muslim’ When British businessman Imran Ahmad was made redundant in January, instead of hitting the Job Centre he decided to arrange a one-man speaking tour of the United States to spread his message of peace and Muslim moderateness. God ‘will not give happy ending’ God will not intervene to prevent […]

  • …and the Wheel turns

    One of my favourite book series is The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordon. It was a monumentally long series of books – 12 in total – although Jordan sadly died before he could finish it. I’ve read the first ten and despite the tenth book being immensely dull I would love to finally get […]

  • I seem to be in the mood for free short stories from Tor! After reading through, and thoroughly enjoying After The Coup by John Scalzi I’ve just read the other free story on the Tor site – Down on the Farm by Charles Stross. I’ve not read anything by him before but I do have […]

  • US Sci-Fi and Fantasy book publishers Tor have launched their new website recently and are celebrating this event with a couple of free stories. The first of these is by one of my new favourite authors, John Scalzi. I really enjoyed his novel Old Man’s War and his US publisher, Tor, have persuaded him to […]

  • Wheel of Time – moving on

    One of my favourite book series has been Robert Jordan’s rather excellent Wheel of Time. I absolutely adored the first six or so books of the series, and even though it started to drag a bit under the weight of increasing numbers of storylines in later books I still really, really want to know how […]