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What are testers?

I’m often asked what I do for a living, and when I tell them I am a software tester I do wonder if they think it is an easy job that any idiot can do…

How I interview Testers… – Dan Ashby

This blog post is related to an excellent webinar by Dan Ashby for the Ministry of Testing. Want to hire great testers? Have a read of this. I’ve been conducting a lot of interviews recently..

Mapping biases

Mapping biases

One of my favourite aspects of systems thinking was the consideration of thinking traps. It brings into play all kinds of problems with the way that humans consider information, and why we often grab the..

Using Selenium

Using Selenium

There’s an increasing need to use automation to assist with our testing. We are about to launch into developing a huge, new system that interacts with all sorts of existing systems. This is an off-the-shelf..

Rosie needs your help

I am a tester. I test software for a living, but I inevitably can’t help but test just about everything that comes my way. I wonder how things work – or, more likely, wonder why..

#NottsTest – January 2016

I have been going to the monthly #NottsTest meetups for a number of years, and they are always informative. We meet on the first Wednesday of each month – usually at the amazing Capital One..

LeadingAnswers: Leadership and Agile Project Management Blog: Big Agile, the Route Less Travelled

Agile methods have been found to be extremely effective when used correctly. A reasonable reaction to witnessing any great performance in an organization is to demand more of it. So a tremendous amount of time,..



  Complexity, originally uploaded by rutty. 7/365 I’m a software tester. I didn’t realise this until about seven or eight years into my testing career – my role was a bit of a hybrid of..

The Testing Planet

My job requires me to test. I like to test – puzzles intrigue me and I love digging around in an application looking for ways to break it. I don’t blog about it much but..