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  • T306 Block 2: SAQ 1

    Speculate on the reasons why there may not be learning about how to avoid failure by either the purchasers or suppliers of large Information Systems. Perhaps these corporations don’t want to admit to making mistakes in the first place. Failure is always an option and the reasons for these failures can be quite complex so […]

  • T306 Block 2: Activity 2

    Recall a failure in your life and your reactions to it Which one to choose? So many failures… OK, so I’ll use something recent, something that I would term a failure, but is more a partial failure: my inability to get my first assignment in on time. I felt immensely disappointed that I wasn’t able […]

  • T306 Block 2: Activity 1

    What is your position regarding Information Systems? This activity seems to be getting me to declare my perspective on Information Systems before we head into analysis the rest of the block. Well, I work with Information Systems for a living, so I guess I’m an active stakeholder in such things. I test software and this […]

  • T306 Block 1: summary

    Well, I’ve submitted TMA01 but I’m really not happy with it. It was too short, rushed and missing quite a bit of useful content. The reasons for this inadequacy are multifarious, but I would have really liked to have had a good crack at it rather than the rushed mess that eventually emerged. It was […]

  • T306 Block 1: Activity 39

    Connecting with a history in your own context. At the beginning of this part of the block, I invited you to consider one of your own role(s) and situation(s) that could be kept in mind as you worked through the part. With this in mind, are you able to think of a practice that is […]

  • T306 Block 1: Activity 38

    Responding to the distinctions about the observer. Find a way of expressing your emotional and rational responses to the material in Box 1 about the observer. The “Box 1” material is reproduced below: How the observer has come into focus Cybernetics, although often applied to the control of machines, has long been one of the […]

  • T306 Block 1: Activity 37

    When you talk about experience what do you mean? Describe what was, for you, a new experience. Experiences are circumstances that I’ve been through that I’ve remembered. They shape my perspectives and, eventually, my worldview. They are things that I may remember in the future during new experiences, and these prior experiences may shape how […]

  • T306 Block 1: Activity 35

    I’m not entirely sure where this one is going but here we go. The right column will be filled in later. *Update* – after reading further down the course materials here is the right column material too. I’ve used definitions more suited to systems thinking that the generic meanings of the verbs. (updated 14/3/2012) Verb […]

  • T306 Block 1: Activity 34

    List the two contrasting ideas from Table 1 (page 66) that you find most challenging to, or supportive of, your current worldview. Explain why. The table in the question lists “some contrasting features between the traditional Western conception of the disembodied person with that of an embodied person”. I’m not entirely convinced that the course […]

  • T306 Block 1: Activity 32

    Write down your own initial impressions to the metaphor of the systems practitioner as juggler. What juggler? Oh, this one: I’m going to be seeing a lot of this juggler, I can tell. My initial impressions of this are that the metaphor sounds pretty reasonable on the face of it. It is difficult to manage […]

  • T306 Block 1: Activity 31

    In your Learning Album list some of the practices you engage in personally and professionally. Suggest some measures of performance for these practices, i.e. how do you know if you do them well? So, this activity is trying to get me to think about being a practitioner of something, how I do things and how […]

  • As expected I have absolutely not chance at all of doing all these activities, not unless someone inserts an extra two days into each week between now and October. So, I’ve reluctantly had to skim read a bunch of notes and skip activities 18 to 30. These activities take me through a lot of the […]