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  • This activity requires me to “reflect on how a range of ‘thinking traps’ may influence how you engage with complex situations” by writing down what I think about: “the causes of emerging environmental crises such as climate change, and what you believe could resolve these problems” I’m not sure they could have picked a more […]

  • The OU course notes have opened up a whole other can of worms about different kinds of intelligence. There has been some research by Gardner that revealed eight different types of intelligence. These are: Linguistic intelligence. The ability to use a coherent narrative to communicate and organise thoughts. Logical–mathematical intelligence. The ability to investigate issues […]

  • This block introduces the term “thinking traps” – an all-encompassing description of the ways that our brains fail us when trying to understand complex systems. There are a number of different thinking traps: short attention spans (I’m really guilty of this) oversimplification (most science stories in the news) groupthink – seeking out opinions of like-minded […]

  • An lo, block 2 of my Systems Practise course loomed, and I was not ready. I’m a week behind here and having to do some serious catching up. However, a new block brings a new subject matter and I can’t be hanging about. I seriously hope to create more notes for this block than I […]