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X Marked the Spot — Make 10 Louder

X Marked the Spot — Make 10 Louder

My friend Mike is always coming up with systems thinking ideas. There are a huge number of modelling methods available to us, and this is one of Mike’s more recent ventures into learning new things:..

123/365 Seeing Systems

“123/365 Seeing Systems” by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA I did a talk! My mate Mike and I have been part of a systems thinking group at work since I started at the UoN..

Reality doesn’t care what you think

This is a quote from an American comedian, taking the mickey out of imaginary Republicans complaining that reality itself is as biased as the liberal-elite media against Republican beliefs and actions. It is a joke..

For the love of a good metaphor

For the love of a good metaphor

I love a good metaphor. They help a great deal in systems thinking modelling of complex situations; but they do have their limits and the most excellent posiwidblog has a very useful post about this. Metaphor,..

BBC News – Tal Fortgang not sorry for being white and privileged

Princeton University freshman Tal Fortgang has been told repeatedly to “check his privilege” – to be aware of how his socio-economic and cultural background shapes his views – and he’s not happy about it.”The phrase,”..

Shut up and listen

I read Freethought Blogs quite a bit and came across this excellent post by Paul Fidalgo: We do not like to be told we are being jerks. We do not like to be told we..