356/365 Sunset

356/365 Sunset by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA The sun is being blinding at either end of the day again. It does seem stronger at sunrise and sunset during Winter Solstice. There’s probably a scientific explanation for that. There’s a lovely view down the canal from this bridge – utterly obliterated by our nearest…… Continue reading 356/365 Sunset

290/365 Helium

290/365 Helium by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA Disney are great at creating impressive theme parks, rides and film-related sideshows but one of my favourite things at Disneyland Paris was this balloon. It just goes up and down on a tether, but is a wonderfully old-fashioned attraction which seems straight out of the 19th…… Continue reading 290/365 Helium


Setting, originally uploaded by rutty. 32/365 There was a nice sunset tonight. It’s a shame that the 3GS can’t properly capture those colours (it always overexposes sunsets) but I quite like how this came out anyway

Beeston Sunset

Beeston Sunset, originally uploaded by rutty. 32/365 It’s been one of those days that hasn’t offered much time for photography. Luckily, there was a nice sunset tonight, which I captured with my iPhone. I did some editing using the free Photoshop app on the phone but have since adjusted it some more in Picnik on…… Continue reading Beeston Sunset

Beeston sunset

Beeston sunset, originally uploaded by rutty. There was an absolutely astonishing sunset in Nottinghamshire the other night. We were at home and I happened to see it out of the upstairs window. I had no chance of getting my camera out and heading somewhere photogenic before the sunset disappeared so I got my iPhone out…… Continue reading Beeston sunset