5/365 Sleep

https://flic.kr/p/PE5eWj This is my cat. It is not real. It sits on my desk at work because my wife won’t let it in the house.


Napping, originally uploaded by rutty. 15/365 I know, another shot of Ruby sleeping. I can’t help myself. We take her to Water Babies every Saturday morning. She loves the splashing about in the water bits – and I love the splashing about with her in the water bits – but she finds it rather tiring.…… Continue reading Napping


Siesta, originally uploaded by rutty. 9/365 Babies can be tricky little buggers at times, and ours is no exception, but one thing that we’re very thankful for is Ruby’s ability to sleep. She generally sleeps for 12 or 13 hours at night and another two hours at lunchtime. We’ve put this down to a couple…… Continue reading Siesta

Links for March 30th

Women told: ‘You have dishonoured your family, please kill yourself’ When Elif’s father told her she had to kill herself in order to spare him from a prison sentence for her murder, she considered it long and hard. “I loved my father so much, I was ready to commit suicide for him even though I…… Continue reading Links for March 30th

Sleepwalking dog

I sometimes dream about running. I’m either running away from or chasing something and my legs often join in the fun. I’ve had the odd elbow in the ribs due to my involuntary twitchiness. However, I’ve never done this: Class!