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  • Poorly sick

    Poorly sick

    Poorly sick, originally uploaded by rutty. 51/365 Our trip to Leeds was cut short because our little girl got rather poorly. My mum’s dining room carpet took a direct hit from Ruby’s projectile vomiting, while my arm and the dining room wall took a glancing blow. We decided to head home rather than inflict more […]

  • Among the living

    Is 40 middle aged? I don’t know about that, but I do know that I’ve been ill far more frequently that I should be since I’ve approached, and surpassed, that little benchmark. I’ve been on the sick for the past nine days – nine! I’ve only ventured into work today because my sicknote ran out […]

  • Snot funny

    The Mucus Fairy has visited me – again – and I’m now on my fourth cold in the last six months. I am not impressed. My snot-filled tubes have been caused by my lovely wife this time though. She picked it up from who-knows-where and very kindly gave it to me. This has recently been […]

  • Toxic

    You know, if any of these terror organisations around the world ever wanted to infect everyone with a deadly virus then they could pick one very efficient delivery system: children. Small ones. We had some very good friends over to stay at the New Year and they have three kids. One of these is an […]

  • As expected, but later than I thought, I seem to have temporarily stuffed up one of my limbs playing football. Even during my younger years I seemed prone to hurting myself during various team games, especially ones that required me to run about and kick stuff. I play football on Wednesdays. We’re just a bunch […]