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  • 359/365 Science!

    359/365 Science!

    359/365 Science! by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA It is Christmas Day. Our presents are open and the turkey is currently turning the requisite shade of brown in the oven. What to do? Obviously, the answer is to have a go at some sciencing! Ruby received some thoughtful gifts from friends and family, and […]

  • 349/365 Big Gob

    349/365 Big Gob

    349/365 Big Gob by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA Ruby and I met with my Dad and Step-mum at the very impressive Eureka! The National Children’s Museum today. It’s a bit of a trek for us, but it’s an incredible place for kids, especially younger ones. There’s a fantastic area called ‘All About Me’ […]

  • 254/365 Not a moon

    254/365 Not a moon by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA Here we see Ruby’s result of her science experiment from the other day. This is the second egg to go through the solution – the first met a sticky end after being extracted before it was ready. This one has worked perfectly. The shell […]

  • 252/365 Shell

    252/365 Shell by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA My daughter is doing some ‘science’. This is an egg soaking in some solution or other. In a day or so the shell will come off and we will be left with a ‘rubber egg’. We shall see if this is a success soon.

  • Let’s go to Mars

    I love science and I love music. This video has mixed them up in a rather wonderful way. Visit Symphony of Science for more

  • Links for March 31st

    Measles Outbreak Triggered by Unvaccinated Child What began as a family trip to Switzerland in 2008 ended up as a public health nightmare in California. The family's 7-year-old boy, who was intentionally unvaccinated against measles, was exposed to the virus while traveling in Europe. When he returned home to San Diego, he unknowingly exposed a […]

  • Off That

  • Links for February 17th

    King Tut Was Disabled, Malarial, and Inbred, DNA Shows King Tut may be seen as the golden boy of ancient Egypt today, but during his reign, Tutankhamun wasn’t exactly a strapping sun god. Instead, a new DNA study says, King Tut was a frail pharaoh, beset by malaria and a bone disorder—and possibly compromised by […]

  • Links for February 9th

    Digital Economy Bill bill could ‘breach rights’ An influential group of MPs and peers has said the government's approach to illegal file-sharing could breach the rights of internet users. The Joint Select Committee on Human Rights said the government's Digital Economy Bill needed clarification. It said that technical measures – which include cutting off persistent […]

  • Links for January 13th

    France’s anti-piracy goon squad pirates the font in its logo Boing Boing Hapodi, the French agency that’s in charge of the country’s new anti-piracy scheme (if someone you live with is accused of three acts of infringement, your whole household is taken offline and added to a list of address to which it is illegal […]

  • Links for November 27th

    Boots’ cynical stance on homeopathy There's something of a backlash taking place online against Boots today, after their professional standards director Paul Bennett admitted before a parliamentary committee yesterday that the chain sell homeopathic remedies because they sell, even though they know there is no scientific evidence that they actually work. National papers involved in […]

  • Links for November 17th

    Labels may be losing money, but artists are making more than ever The Times Labs blog takes a hard look at the data on music sales and live performances and concludes that while the labels’ profits might be falling, artists are taking in more money, thanks to the booming growth of live shows. The Times […]