359/365 Science!

359/365 Science!
359/365 Science! by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

It is Christmas Day. Our presents are open and the turkey is currently turning the requisite shade of brown in the oven. What to do?

Obviously, the answer is to have a go at some sciencing! Ruby received some thoughtful gifts from friends and family, and my sister gave her a ‘Water Science’ kit. This contains a number of aqua-based activities aimed at the junior schooler, chief amongst them are a few that require the making of bubbles using some solution and gelatin.

Her she is with one of her proud experiments.

A lovely day has been had by all. Merry Christmas!

349/365 Big Gob

349/365 Big Gob
349/365 Big Gob by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

Ruby and I met with my Dad and Step-mum at the very impressive Eureka! The National Children’s Museum today. It’s a bit of a trek for us, but it’s an incredible place for kids, especially younger ones.

There’s a fantastic area called ‘All About Me’ where you find out about every single part of your body, just about. It’s age appropriate (no sexy-time shenanigans) but there’s a great area about childbirth, lots of models of internal organs, nerves and cardiovascular bits and pieces, and some enlarged bits of people parts.

My favourite was this enormous mouth, which Ruby enjoyed. She also liked making burps in the alimentary canal display (where she could also create bile).

There are lots of areas for the under 5s, loads of ways to engage the imagination (including a great work-related area) and some fantastic electronic games and experiments to do.

Highly recommended!

254/365 Not a moon

254/365 Not a moon
254/365 Not a moon by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

Here we see Ruby’s result of her science experiment from the other day. This is the second egg to go through the solution – the first met a sticky end after being extracted before it was ready.

This one has worked perfectly. The shell has gone and we are left with only the thin layer of whatever substance keeps all the runny stuff together. It is surprisingly tough, and quite bouncy!

Ruby has enjoyed doing and we have more experiments planned for the future. She loves a bit of science.