Happy girl


Happy girl, originally uploaded by rutty. 17/365 We have a happy little girl. She has her moments, of course, but in general we’re extremely lucky to have a calm, contented little baby. We’ve been loosely following the teachings of the one and only (and much derided) Gina Ford. We’ve found her Contented Little Baby book…… Continue reading Happy girl


Ruby, originally uploaded by rutty. We’ve been to see my Mum at the weekend and so we got to give Ruby her bath there. She quite likes having a little splash about in the water but is sometimes not so impressed with getting dried off afterwards. She was fine last night, though. Here she is…… Continue reading Ruby

2 Months already?

2 Months already?, originally uploaded by rutty. Has it been two months since our little girl was born? Crikey, it barely seems a few weeks, but here she is: our Ruby at two months old. She’s thriving too, although a little under the weather today after her ordeal at the vaccination clinic yesterday. She wasn’t…… Continue reading 2 Months already?

I’m a Daddy!

Last Thursday a rather amazing thing happened to Jo & me: we had a baby girl! She’s called Ruby Elizabeth and she was a hefty 9lbs on the scales when she arrived. She was 9 days late and poor Jo had to put up with quite the protracted labour – contractions started on Sunday and…… Continue reading I’m a Daddy!