317/365 Red

317/365 Red by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA One thing I’ve noticed while doing this black and white photo project is that strong red colours and look quite strange or pixelated if I’m not careful. The colour version of this did not look great – the red of Ruby’s jacket and hat was oversaturated…… Continue reading 317/365 Red


Tulip, originally uploaded by rutty. Via Flickr: 100/365 We have some tulips growing in the garden. It was very thoughtful of the previous owners to plant some in the borders. I like how this shot came out, over-exposed parts and all


Stop, originally uploaded by rutty. 80/365 Another day that I’ve nearly forgotten to take a photo, so here’s a quick shot of the rear lights on our car. Must try harder


Red, originally uploaded by rutty. 33/365 It’s not exactly in focus or correctly exposed but I like the red against the white walls. This is one of those “motivational” posters up at work. I know that I always work harder after seeing one