(5/366/2020) My hunt for abstracts continues. I generally need better light. My iPhone 8+ has a pretty good camera but it does get a bit grainy when light is low. I’ve noticed this with earlier images in this project: it’s especially obvious when I use macro mode in Camera+ I spotted this while getting my…… Continue reading Drawer

White Lines

(2/366/2020)  Day 2 and I’m already finding abstracts hard to come by! I do need more practice.  This sink presented itself later in the day and I loved the way the shadows worked with the bright white porcelain. https://flic.kr/p/2i982sZ White Lines


We visited a good friend of mine last year and his youngest son had just had a little baby girl. She was gorgeous, and had the rather lovely name Ruby.

We’d been trying for a baby for a few months at this point and decided on names. Ruby was our choice for a girl too. They’d even chosen the same middle name: Elizabeth.