M255: done

Yesterday I spent three highly-stressed hours in a room full of strangers taking an exam. This was the final exam for my M255 Object-oriented programming with Java module through the Open University and I found it quite a test. The few days prior to the exam have seen me more stressed than I’ve been in…… Continue reading M255: done

T214: Block 2, Multiple Intelligences

The OU course notes have opened up a whole other can of worms about different kinds of intelligence. There has been some research by Gardner that revealed eight different types of intelligence. These are: Linguistic intelligence. The ability to use a coherent narrative to communicate and organise thoughts. Logical–mathematical intelligence. The ability to investigate issues…… Continue reading T214: Block 2, Multiple Intelligences

T214: Block 2, Thinking Traps

This block introduces the term “thinking traps” – an all-encompassing description of the ways that our brains fail us when trying to understand complex systems. There are a number of different thinking traps: short attention spans (I’m really guilty of this) oversimplification (most science stories in the news) groupthink – seeking out opinions of like-minded…… Continue reading T214: Block 2, Thinking Traps

T214: Block 1, case study 6 – Wikipedia

So far, during my OU T214 studies, I’ve failed to find enough time to properly engage with some of the research activities. There have been a number of case studies that I should have been writing about but which I skimmed over instead. I don’t want to repeat that for my second assignment, at least…… Continue reading T214: Block 1, case study 6 – Wikipedia

T214: Understanding Systems

I’ve been working on a BSc through the Open University for about three years now and finally arrived at one of the main modules; T214: Understanding Systems: making sense of complexity. This module is designed to be one of those “life altering” courses that frees your mind from incessant reductionism and enables us meer mortals…… Continue reading T214: Understanding Systems


Linked, originally uploaded by rutty. 31/365 I’m about to start an Open University module and this is the set book. The course is about “Understanding Complexity” – joined-up thinking they call it – and it’s one of two systems thinking modules I’m taking as part of my chosen degree. The book has some variable reviews…… Continue reading Linked

Links for March 17th

Minister won’t confirm belief in evolution Canada’s science minister, the man at the centre of the controversy over federal funding cuts to researchers, won’t say if he believes in evolution. “I’m not going to answer that question. I am a Christian, and I don’t think anybody asking a question about my religion is appropriate,” Gary…… Continue reading Links for March 17th