Mahler Six – a triumph not a tragedy

My girlfriend is simply the best. She knows what I like and she knows that I love Mahler, so she paid for a couple of seats for us at the Royal Centre in Nottingham last night so that I could listen to the BBC Philharmonic playing Mahler’s sixth symphony. His sixth symphony is coined “Tragic”.…… Continue reading Mahler Six – a triumph not a tragedy

The kicking of shins

I’ve got quite an eclectic mix of musical tastes but my most listened-to music often uses that most iconic of instruments – the guitar. I just love those hefty, gritty chords ripped out by some talented axeman. My collection includes a lot of rock and metal. There’s a real pot pourri of genres – everything…… Continue reading The kicking of shins

You know when you’re getting old…

…when you start listening to BBC Radio 2. Let’s get this straight – I’ve not started some habit-forming addition to the radio station or anything, it’s just that I’ve listened to it once. And I kinda liked it. I’d dropped my girlfriend off at some friends’ house in Manchester yesterday. She’s off to Morocco (without…… Continue reading You know when you’re getting old…

James Cook – Circumnavigator

Every year us Brass-banders head off to various locations in the UK to compete in “The Areas” – a regular, graded competition much loved/hated by the brass band community. This year we’re off to Bedworth for the first time after the Midlands Area was moved from Burton-upon-Trent. It’s a bit of a trek for those…… Continue reading James Cook – Circumnavigator

Is file-sharing actually stealing?

There’s been oodles of discussion about file-sharing over the years. It’s endemic among the music hounds out there who can’t/won’t pay for music so just download it from whoever. I’ve taken the high horse attitude over this, mostly, where I’ve righteously stated that downloading music over Limeware etc is morally wrong and that people should…… Continue reading Is file-sharing actually stealing?

Fear Factory

They were once thought to be dead and buried, a once great band that spearheaded the more modern noises made by Metal acts. The big guy on guitar left and everyone thought that that was that. Not so, they have a new album out soon (if not already) and I’m interested. My fave rock magazine,…… Continue reading Fear Factory