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  • AMG single spin reviews – week 3

    It should be no surprise to anyone that I am miles behind with these reviews. I have somehow managed to keep up with the listening, but actually writing down what I thought of each one is lagging behind. With this in mind I am going to have to restructure the reviews. I do not have […]

  • AMG single spin reviews – week 2

    It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that I am miles behind my plans to listen to each new album review on Angry Metal Guy, and even further behind on actually writing about it. I could claim that I’ve been busy with work, but nobody would believe that. Still, let’s plod on. What delights have […]

  • AMG single spin reviews – week 1

    You know how some people make sensible, optimistic new year’s resolutions that might, in some little way, improve themselves? Well, I’ve tried those, and while they’re an interesting way to prompt eating more healthily, or take up additional physical exercise, they’re often forgotten about by the end of the first week of January. Additionally, I […]

  • Metal Hammer’s 100 Best Albums of 2017 – 100 to 96

    So, my mammoth listen-through of Metal Hammer’s top 100 albums of 2017 begins. My ears have been subjected to 2,275 different artists, according to Last.fm, but I have not heard of any of the first ten bands. Embarrassing. Still, this is the point of doing this, so here we go. Who is at number 100? […]

  • 357/365 Top 100

    357/365 Top 100

    357/365 Top 100 by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA My favourite music magazine, Metal Hammer, have been doing a ‘Top 100 Albums of the Year’ thing for a while now. These things are always contentious as they’re drawn from the mixed preferences of the mag’s writers, but there’s always a tonne of great bands […]

  • 124/365 Eddie!

    “124/365 Eddie!” by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA Well, this was unexpected. I hadn’t bought a ticket to go and see Iron Maiden this year due to financial restrictions – tickets were too expensive – but a friend of mine ended up with a spare ticket and it would have been rude not to […]

  • King Goat – Conduit

    King Goat – Conduit

    Like a large slice of Doom Metal with a side-order of Prog? Then you’ll love King Goat. I can’t stop listening to this track. The rest of the album is very good too. Go and buy it!

  • Asleep In The Deep

    Asleep In The Deep

    I was mightily impressed with Mastodon’s most recent album. It was heavy, yet melodic; an impressive feat and one of my favourite recent purchases. Check out their vide for Asleep In The Deep – it’s NUTS:

  • Links for May 19th

    Unpleasant Medicine I think it’s significant that there’s no consensus on the larger-scale significance of environmental threats; indeed, our responses are severely polarized, as if these are debatable matters of opinion rather than ones with quantifiable facts attached. Eyjafjallajoekull can potentially continue to erupt for years, massively disrupting long haul travel across the North Atlantic […]

  • Links for July 29th

    It’s all about Science Envy Fellows of the Discovery Institute seem to be over represented in fringe groups, Paul Nelson is a Young Earth Creationist, the Godfather of Intelligent Design Phillip Johnson and DI fellow Jonathan C. Wells have signed on to AIDS denial and Guillermo Gonzalez has signed on to a climate change denialist […]

  • I’ve been listening to all sorts of random stuff on my iPhone and iTunes recently (I love to shuffle – fnarr!) and this track has been growing on me like a fungus: a hard rockin’ fungus. I’ve not heard of Viking Skull before hearing this. I think the track was on one of those free […]

  • Heeding The Call

    I don’t know why but I’m starting to find certain Power Metal bands to be rather entertaining. I’ve always kinda liked Manowar – not because of the loincloths or due to some homoerotic fantasism – but because they rock with a big grin on their faces. It’s pure cheese but fabulous all the same – […]