Linux installed – again!

I can’t help myself sometimes but I can’t help but fiddle with stuff. I wanted more space for the root partition on my Mandrake installation and I figured that I could probably steal some more from my Windows partition. Well, after deleting about 1GB of files, including many unused applications and a few “educational” videos…… Continue reading Linux installed – again!

Linux, alive and well

Well, having found the faults causing me some concern with Mandrake 10.0, I’m now fully operational, well apart from the webcam not being supported. Mandrake caused two issues with the upgrade/install. It chose the wrong driver for the sound card (should have used the so-called alternate driver) and it chose the correct driver for the…… Continue reading Linux, alive and well

Stupid Sound Card!

Bah! I installed Mandrake 10.0 last night. I decided that I’d be better off going for a clean install, seeing as I didn’t have anything I really needed to keep on the previous 9.2 version, and it didn’t go quite as well as planned. For some reason the soundcard driver doesn’t want to work properly…… Continue reading Stupid Sound Card!

Mandrake 10.0

While I was out buying disgusting liquids to stop the world falling out of my bottom, I visited WHSmiths in order to see if they had the latest edition of Linux Format Magazine. Luckily for me, it was there, and bugger me but the cover disks were for the eagerly anticipated (by me) Mandrake 10.0…… Continue reading Mandrake 10.0

Kernel Panic

Some of you may have read about my attempts at upgrading my PC. Well, having tried to flash my BIOS I’d eventually got the HD to at least be recognised as being there by stopping the head from spinning by using the jumper settings. Little did I know that this would have consequences for my…… Continue reading Kernel Panic