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Most Haunted Series Four – #6

This week the Scooby Gang visited a small hotel in County Durham called The Manor House – a lovely looking former orphanage with a gruesome past. Well, there didn’t appear to have been much of..

Most Haunted Series Four – #5

Well, last night’s episode was somewhat disappointing. The team disappeared off to some caves in West Wycombe, a set of man-made tunnels as used by the Hellfire Club for all sorts of debauchery. Derek was..

Most Haunted Series Four – #4

This week the “intrepid” crew visited Croxteth Hall in Merseyside. It’s an impressive building, the biggest one that Most Haunted have ever visited, and so they had to spread themselves out a bit to cover..

Most Haunted Series Four – #3

Last night’s episode was set at Jamaica Inn, one of the more famous landmarks for a while. It’s a lovely old building with a history of numerous hauntings. Happily, the crew had much to discover..