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  • Shine


    (17/366/2020) Dreary day, few photo opportunities so was pleased to take this on the way to Tesco

  • 5/1/2018 Shade

    5/1/2018 Shade

    5/1/2018 Shade by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA One thing is for certain during any year’s photography project: I will take a picture of a lamp. It is often this lamp. The weather isn’t especially conducive to getting out and about, so I have been hunting around the house for subjects. I need to […]

  • 336/365 Whoosh

    336/365 Whoosh

    336/365 Whoosh by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA I don’t know why but I have a habit of taking images of lamps. There’s something about the variation in light, shade and pattern that draws my eye. This light shade used to be our hallway, but now resides on a standard lamp in our lounge. […]

  • 259/365 Night night

    259/365 Night night by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA Bedtime

  • 52/365 Ghosts

    52/365 Ghosts

    Here is another shot done late in the day because the ‘muse’ didn’t find me earlier. Once again, the lamp next to my bed is the willing participant in my project. This time I poked my iPhone lens against the little holes and took a shot of the energy efficient bulb I have in there. […]

  • 37/365 Last Chance

    37/365 Last Chance

    This is one of those ‘last minute’ photos that I did just before getting into bed. The less said about it the better

  • 8/365 Lamp

    8/365 Lamp

    Whenever I start a photography project I always like to do a few abstract photos. I love these, and am always looking for ways at looking at everyday objects and making them look different. This is one of those – one of the lights above our dining table. Also, they are a good option when […]

  • Lamp

    23rd January 2015 I neglected to take many photos today so this one of my bedside lamp will have to do. At least it casts some interesting shadows

  • Stars

    13th January 2015 Our friend Abbie bought Ruby this rather excellent night sky lamp which projects stars onto walls and ceiling

  • Lamp


    Lamp, originally uploaded by rutty. Via Flickr: 88/365 Late in the day and no photos taken, hence another photo of a lamp. I think it came out OK though