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  • 231/365 Happy

    231/365 Happy by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA My lovely wife and me <3

  • 85/365 Mother’s Love

    85/365 Mother’s Love

    I love these ladies xx

  • The Declutter Bug

    The Declutter Bug

    My lovely wife has started her own business! She is the most organised person I know. Over the past few years she’s enjoyed watching reality programmes based around hoarders, and she has come to realise that she wanted to help some of these folks. So, The Declutter Bug was born. She will be fantastic at […]

  • Tickle


    Tickle, originally uploaded by rutty. 2/365 As discussed in day 1, my two girls are the centre of my universe. Jo would rather I didn’t photograph her but Ruby is too young to be shy. Here are both my girls enjoying a moment. Note the hair going into Ruby’s mouth – poor Jo has lost […]

  • Sleepy girls

    I seem to be the only one awake around here. Both my girls are sparko.