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  • Has it been 30 years?

    I was born and brought up in Leeds and have been a fairly apathetic supporter of The Whites for most of my life. I’ve had some poorly-judged dalliances with both Nottingham Forest and Liverpool in my youth, but my home team has emerged as my chosen supported football club. I tend to follow most games […]

  • Knees a-poppin’

    I would like to publicly announce the following: I’m a bloody idiot. I’m married to a nurse. Nurses know medically-related information about all sorts of afflictions and injuries. People should take notice of advice offered by said nurses. This is why I’m a bloody idiot. I have failed to take the advice of my own […]

  • So, Spain are the deserved winners of Euro 2008. If Germany had somehow managed to contrive a win in this final that they would have committed a heinous crime against football. Germany were awful against Turkey and were almost as bad tonight. However, Germany were incapable of scoring in a game controlled almost completely by […]

  • There’s been only one good team on the pitch during tonight’s semi-final and it certainly wasn’t Germany. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a crappy performance by a team somehow going on to win the game. Turkey are immensely unlucky not to be in the final. They’ve put in a performance of huge heart, […]

  • Well, all good things have to come to an end, eventually. It seems that my knackered old limbs are incapable of sustaining my inelegant lurches around the football pitch. I’ve succeeded in injuring my bad knee again. Thankfully, it’s nothing like as bad as last time, although I doubt that I’ll be able to take […]

  • Wanting new joints

    I’ve been suffering with a very poorly left knee over the last few weeks after a small tangle with a burly Yorkshireman on a football pitch. It’s taken a while to improve, but the swelling is almost gone and I can bend my leg as normal, although straightening it provides some pain still. Due to […]

  • As expected, but later than I thought, I seem to have temporarily stuffed up one of my limbs playing football. Even during my younger years I seemed prone to hurting myself during various team games, especially ones that required me to run about and kick stuff. I play football on Wednesdays. We’re just a bunch […]

  • Sticking the boot in

    I’m really starting to enjoy this footballing lark, even if I do seem to pick up a different injury every time I play. I’m still a rank amateur and one of the weaker players, but I think I’ve found my niche – right-back. In my youth I’d have never considered myself a defender. Not that […]

  • Stuffed. Good and proper

    Wednesday afternoons sees me lugging this old frame around a football pitch for an hour. You’d think that at 38 I’d have had a good bash at playing football but, sadly, I’ve never really played it for any decent length of time. I’m probably too old to start now but most of the people I’m […]

  • Falling apart

    My old, aching body is just falling to bits. I’ve been thinking that I need to be fitter. I’ve been thinking this for years. I have little spurts of physical activity (steady now double entendre fans)  where I go for a run, get really, really stiff as a result and then don’t do it again […]

  • Arsenal

    Well, The Arse are Premiership champions for 2003/2004, and deservedly so. They’ve been utterly amazing through most of this season, and as a Leeds fan (even though I’m supposed to hate their guts) they bloody well deserve it. No-one has come close to them at all this season. Now, if only half their team would […]