47/365 Squat

https://flic.kr/p/RWEUb3 Here I am performing a squat while holding my phone. I’m doing a squat (one of about 120 today) because I’m trying to ‘get fit’. Getting fit seems to involve doing things that hurt. Doing 120 squats did, in fact, hurt. I also perform a number of other hurty activities, including press-ups, sit-ups, leg…… Continue reading 47/365 Squat

39/365 Bandy Legs

https://flic.kr/p/RX2SX2 Here I am performing some leg raises. I apologise for this public picture of my chicken legs. I have been attempting to improve my fitness for a few years now. I get all enthusiastic, do some running, rowing or some other form of exercise, then get an injury and stop doing it. I then…… Continue reading 39/365 Bandy Legs

Running myself into the ground

In recent weeks I have started a bit of a fitness regime. I have been feeling my age for a few years, and while I didn’t really have to put much effort into staying reasonably ‘fit’ during my youth it turns out that you start feeling tired and energy-less when you hit your forties. This…… Continue reading Running myself into the ground

Knees a-poppin’

I would like to publicly announce the following: I’m a bloody idiot. I’m married to a nurse. Nurses know medically-related information about all sorts of afflictions and injuries. People should take notice of advice offered by said nurses. This is why I’m a bloody idiot. I have failed to take the advice of my own…… Continue reading Knees a-poppin’

Can I do 100 press-ups?

I keep talking about improving my fitness and over the last few years I actually have done a little more exercise than I’m used to. However, getting on the cross-trainer every now and again really doesn’t count towards “getting fit”. However, I’ve found a little six week program that might get me exercising regularly: the…… Continue reading Can I do 100 press-ups?