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  • 47/365 Squat

    47/365 Squat

    Here I am performing a squat while holding my phone. I’m doing a squat (one of about 120 today) because I’m trying to ‘get fit’. Getting fit seems to involve doing things that hurt. Doing 120 squats did, in fact, hurt. I also perform a number of other hurty activities, including press-ups, sit-ups, leg raises […]

  • 39/365 Bandy Legs

    39/365 Bandy Legs

    Here I am performing some leg raises. I apologise for this public picture of my chicken legs. I have been attempting to improve my fitness for a few years now. I get all enthusiastic, do some running, rowing or some other form of exercise, then get an injury and stop doing it. I then make […]

  • Running myself into the ground

    In recent weeks I have started a bit of a fitness regime. I have been feeling my age for a few years, and while I didn’t really have to put much effort into staying reasonably ‘fit’ during my youth it turns out that you start feeling tired and energy-less when you hit your forties. This […]

  • So I ran a 5K

    So, it’s 2016 and I’m not getting any younger. The last few years have seen me display some slight signs of the impending decreptude inherent in the aging process, of which I am hurtling through at an alarming pace. I’m 46, and for the first 40 of those years I was as healthy as you […]

  • Knees a-poppin’

    I would like to publicly announce the following: I’m a bloody idiot. I’m married to a nurse. Nurses know medically-related information about all sorts of afflictions and injuries. People should take notice of advice offered by said nurses. This is why I’m a bloody idiot. I have failed to take the advice of my own […]

  • Can I do 100 press-ups?

    I keep talking about improving my fitness and over the last few years I actually have done a little more exercise than I’m used to. However, getting on the cross-trainer every now and again really doesn’t count towards “getting fit”. However, I’ve found a little six week program that might get me exercising regularly: the […]

  • Stuffed. Good and proper

    Wednesday afternoons sees me lugging this old frame around a football pitch for an hour. You’d think that at 38 I’d have had a good bash at playing football but, sadly, I’ve never really played it for any decent length of time. I’m probably too old to start now but most of the people I’m […]

  • Falling apart

    My old, aching body is just falling to bits. I’ve been thinking that I need to be fitter. I’ve been thinking this for years. I have little spurts of physical activity (steady now double entendre fans)  where I go for a run, get really, really stiff as a result and then don’t do it again […]