319/365 Wreck

319/365 Wreck by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA This old toy car has been through the generations. It may well be from the 70s, though it’s hard to tell. It’s pretty battered. Ruby was playing with it today. The toy cars do come out every now and again.

See my shiny car!

After piquing your interest with my previous post, here’s a picture of my nice, shiny car after I’d spent ages cleaning and polishing it. As you can see, it’s nice and red. Stalkers may note that I live in a house with a blue garage door, and that I own a Red Fiat Bravo. It’s…… Continue reading See my shiny car!

My car is shiny

I’ve just spent two hours cleaning and polishing my car. Now it’s nice and shiny, and my fingers don’t work properly I need to get one of those stone-chip repair kits. Our local council has decided that a 1mm coating of small stones is sufficient covering for one of the roads leading up to our…… Continue reading My car is shiny