Skyline, originally uploaded by rutty. 22/365 January brings with it my favourite Brass Band event of the year – the Butlins Mineworkers contest at Skegness. Butlins welcomes several thousand banders to abuse their facilities for a four day weekend of drinking and banding. It’s ace. It’s also quite a nice venue. The Skyline Pavilion houses…… Continue reading Skyline

Flip. Flop. Fly

Flip. Flop. Fly, originally uploaded by rutty. 23/365 One of the highlights of the year for me is the annual visit to the Butlin’s Mineworkers Brass Band Championships in Skegness. It’s like revisiting those old holiday camps of my youth, except this time with huge quantities of beer. The Skeggy Butlin’s is in pretty decent…… Continue reading Flip. Flop. Fly

Skeggy. It’s bracing.

Skegness beckons once more. It’s that time of year when brass band musicians and enthusiasts head into the fog-shrouded fens of Lincolnshire for the Butlins Mineworkers Open Festival. It’s an event not to be missed in the brass band calender. No, really. I shall be there, and so will the rest of our band: Carlton…… Continue reading Skeggy. It’s bracing.