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2018 Year In Pictures

15/1/2018 Brass

15/1/2018 Brass by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA Mondays are my first brass band rehearsal evening of the week. I love my band. It’s certainly not fashionable or especially popular, but there’s just something fantastic about making music with 24 other friends. I’ve been doing this for over forty

2017 Year In Pictures

281/365 Horn

281/365 Horn by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA I’ve been playing at Newark Wedding Fair at the exhibition centre. Carlton Brass are angling for more bookings so we have formed a quintet too. I’ve been playing the cornet part, my first time doing so in a quintet. My lip

In the news Musical Notes

Almost famous

Our band recently played at a really interesting event in the village of Ruddington. It turns out that a survivor of the famous battle of Rorke’s Drift is buried in Ruddington and our band were called in to supply the music for a memorial service for those lost in the

Musical Notes

Whit Friday Marches 2008

I spent the best part of last Friday in the lovely Lancashire area of Tameside, where our band were taking part in the traditional Whit Friday Marches contest. For the uninitiated this happens every year (on Whit Friday, natch) and involves many dozens of Britain’s brass bands descending on Tameside

Geekery General Chunterings

Band website

A few months ago I took over the job of Public Relations from my old mate Ray at band. I took the decision to take the opportunity to update the band website and I’m close to getting the site how I’d want it. It’s temporarily on a new domain while