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3/365/2018 Aragog

3/365/2018 Aragog

3/365/2018 Aragog by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA Ruby has a rule for Harry Potter: if you want to watch the film you have to read the book. This was the case with The..

244/365 Dahl

244/365 Dahl by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA Ruby has been devouring books during the summer holidays. When she hasn’t been reading Harry Potter with me she’s been reading lots of Roald Dahl on..

97/365 American Gods

“97/365 American Gods” by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA The TV version of American Gods is imminent and I am yet to read the widely-praised source book by Neil Gaiman. So, I have bought..

43/365 Waterstones

43/365 Waterstones

Ruby had some money left-over from Christmas on a couple of Waterstones gift cards, so we had a trip into town to see if there was anything that she took a fancy to. Her first..

41/365 Not Read Yet

41/365 Not Read Yet

I like to learn new things and I have a number of books sat on my desk aimed at increasing my work knowledge. This pile is increasing in size, not least due to my inability..

Nest of books

Nest of books

Nest of books, originally uploaded by rutty. Via Flickr: 85/365 Ruby has many interests – food and sleep being the prime two – and, happily, one of her favourite activities is reading. Well, looking at..

Links for February 9th

Digital Economy Bill bill could ‘breach rights’ An influential group of MPs and peers has said the government's approach to illegal file-sharing could breach the rights of internet users. The Joint Select Committee on Human..

Links for September 8th

Cory Doctorow: Special Pleading Six years ago, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom couldn’t be counted as a real success for open publishing because I was too obscure to feel the cost of the..

Links for April 27th

Giving It Away The thing about an e-book is that it's a social object. It wants to be copied from friend to friend, beamed from a Palm (nasdaq: PALM – news – people ) device,..

Links for April 10th

To Newspaper Moguls: You Blew It The Newspaper Association of America is meeting in San Diego this week and they’re preaching up at their own choir loft with angry, self-righteous fire and brimstone about their..

Links for March 26th

”Hello America, I’m a British Muslim’ When British businessman Imran Ahmad was made redundant in January, instead of hitting the Job Centre he decided to arrange a one-man speaking tour of the United States to..

The Shack: more of a Shambles

A Christian friend of mine lent me a copy of The Shack a few months ago and I figured that I’d read it. I might be a bit of a heathen but I have quite..