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  • T306 Block 2: result

    I’m not entirely sure how I managed it but I achieved a somewhat miraculous 93% for TMA02, an enormous improvement on the 70% I got for TMA01. I would have been happy with another 70% but it looks like I happened to hit on quite a few more of the marking points for this assignment. […]

  • T306 Block 2: TMA02

    I’m not entirely sure how I managed it but I actually submitted TMA02 on time. Well, it was 9 minutes past the official entry time but within the 12 hours leeway they give us, so I’m called that “on time”. I was over two weeks late submitting TMA01 and only managed to get this one […]

  • T306 Block 2: Activity 19

    Note the main things you have learned in Part 1 I’ve skimmed over most of the activities in this block so far out of necessity. There’s been some interesting material and the course notes have made me consider aspects of IS that I wouldn’t have thought about. For instance, I thought I had a good […]

  • T306 Block 2: Activity 5

    Describe an Information System with which you are involved This activity requires me to construct a system map of an IS. Due to my prior tardiness I’m going to miss that bit out, although I’ll come back and revisit it if necessary. I’m going to describe an ancient IS from a previous employment. This was […]

  • T306 Block 2: Activity 4

    How would you distinguish Information Technology from Information Systems? I’m guessing that most people wouldn’t think that there’s much – or any – difference at all. They may be right, but I would probably argue that ISs are made up of various bits of IT equipment. An IS is a more holistic approach to IT, […]

  • T306 Block 2: Activity 3

    What does an Information System mean to you? An Information System, to me at least, is a system for collecting and distributing information. These systems usually use some form of computing and there is normally some “doing” going on in there too, such as calculating with numbers or producing documentation. These ISs normally have a […]

  • T306 Block 2: SAQ 1

    Speculate on the reasons why there may not be learning about how to avoid failure by either the purchasers or suppliers of large Information Systems. Perhaps these corporations don’t want to admit to making mistakes in the first place. Failure is always an option and the reasons for these failures can be quite complex so […]

  • T306 Block 2: Activity 2

    Recall a failure in your life and your reactions to it Which one to choose? So many failures… OK, so I’ll use something recent, something that I would term a failure, but is more a partial failure: my inability to get my first assignment in on time. I felt immensely disappointed that I wasn’t able […]

  • T306 Block 2: Activity 1

    What is your position regarding Information Systems? This activity seems to be getting me to declare my perspective on Information Systems before we head into analysis the rest of the block. Well, I work with Information Systems for a living, so I guess I’m an active stakeholder in such things. I test software and this […]