T306 Block 1: Activity 14

Examine the initial responses you identified in the light of the stakeholding you identified earlier in Activity 13. Are they related in any way? The previous activity shows that I do lean towards social justice, but that I also have some moderate conservative views. I did economics at A-level and I formed some fairly conservative…… Continue reading T306 Block 1: Activity 14

T306 Block 1: Activity 7

Do you feel able to adopt any of the attitudes I have suggested? These attitudes are as follows: Being open and sensitive to all kinds of information about a situation: not just so-called factual information but impressions, intuitions and hunches, including other people’s when they express them; Being willing and able to see the situation…… Continue reading T306 Block 1: Activity 7

T306 Block 1: Activity 6

Looking through your previous notes and my previous questions, identify and record any ways your expectations have changed. I think the only way my expectations have changed is in regards to how the course is structured. The Block 1 notes seem to be suggesting that I have to find my own structure. This does worry…… Continue reading T306 Block 1: Activity 6

T306 Block1: Activity 5

Make notes on what you think are the main features of systems thinking. Systems thinking, for me, involves the process of describing and understanding systems as wholes. Rather than taking a reductionist view of a system, a wider scope is strived for and systems thinkers attempt to understand how each component of a system might…… Continue reading T306 Block1: Activity 5

T306 Block 1: Activity 4

More questions about my expectations of this course. What activities do you expect to undertake in studying a level 3 course? Short answer? Similar to a level 3 course but harder.Longer answer? This course is the older, more difficult-to-understand sibling of T214 (or so I imagine) and will require a deeper understanding of the course…… Continue reading T306 Block 1: Activity 4