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  • 274/365 Cake

    274/365 Cake by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA Party number two for Ruby. Loving the popcorn cake made by a friend!

  • 267/365 Birthday girl

    267/365 Birthday girl by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA Somebody is 8 today. 8! We have come into Derby today for a little treat, and to spend some of her birthday money. We have already got a poo emoji, a pretend broomstick and some stuff from Claire’s Accessories.

  • Four today

    Four today, a photo by rutty on Flickr. I don’t know how this is possible – seeing as Ruby’s birth seems so recent – but out gorgeous little girl is four today. Four! One more year and she starts school. She is a complete treasure and is turning out to be a funny, intelligent, beautiful […]

  • Happy Birthday. 200 Today!

    February 12th 2009 would have been Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday if he’d have somehow evolved into some Methuselah-like being. He was one of the most important scientists of his era – if not any era – and his discoveries that formed the Theory of Evolution have transformed how we understand the world around us. Today […]