Menu 17th February 2015 There is a hotel near where I work called The Rockaway. I’ve often seen it but never thought to go in. It looks like the sort of place frequented by older folks that like tea and those sandwiches that have the crusts cut off. They have recently started doing takeaway food…… Continue reading Menu

Hugs 15th February 2015 The Bee Man in Beeston is a prominent and much-loved statue in the main precinct. Ruby always gives him a cuddle on her way through

Open soon? 5th February 2015 The Beeston tramworks continue, and this junction with Middle Street remains closed south of Humber Road. It’s been over 14 months and local residents are beyond fed up. I’m actually looking forward to having a working tram system, but my patience with the repeated delays is getting thin

Beestonian 1st February 2015 Ruby and I enjoyed a visit to The Bean in Beeston today, where I enjoyed one of their exceptional espressos and Ruby had a hot chocolate. While there I had a quick read of the excellent local paper The Beestonian. We love being naturalised Beestonians. It’s such a great little town…… Continue reading Beestonian

Ruby 18th January 2015 Any ‘year in pictures’ of mine will inevitably have many, many pictures of Ruby. Here she is looking a good bit older than her five years. This was taken in our favourite Beeston coffee shop – The Bean

Chips 15th December 2015 Humber Road Chippy has really struggled with the tram works. Most of the large holes have disappeared but the pavements are still in disarray, and there is more to be done around here before the road opens again. Get a move on TWA!