Baby-related thoughts

Our baby is due mid-September and we’ve been looking at prams and carseats for the little tyke. These things cost a bloody fortune¬† and just browsing through the various systems on display in Mamas and Papas offends my Yorkshire sensibilities. However, I’ve had an epiphany. These carseats don’t last ten minutes. Babies grow and before…… Continue reading Baby-related thoughts

147 beats of joy

Jo and I had a routine visit to our midwife this afternoon. We’re just about at the sixteen week point in the pregnancy so we’re past the worst of the worry, but still a little concerned that things might go wrong. This is all natural, I’m sure, but neither of us have done this before…… Continue reading 147 beats of joy

Look what we made

Look what we made, originally uploaded by rutty. I know this might be hard to believe, but yes: I am polluting the gene pool with an offspring. Jo and I are absolutely bloody chuffed to bits to be having a baby – due in September. Hurrah!

Jessica Anne

Welcome to the world Jessica Anne, my new niece! Isn’t she just lovely? Mother and baby are doing fine, sister Hannah seems rather pleased with the new addition, although I’m not entirely sure how long that’s going to last. Father Phil is very proud. No doubt this little ball of fun will develop into the…… Continue reading Jessica Anne

It’s a girl!

This morning at about 07:30 UK time, my sister gave birth to my new niece, Jessica Anne. She was 7lb 3oz and so lazy that she was 10 days overdue. If her sister Hannah is anything to go by she’s going to be a little handful when she gets a bit older. So, congratulations Julie…… Continue reading It’s a girl!